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Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Hughes (1950-2009)

In another example of how fragile life is, movie writer and director John Hughes died on Thursday from a heart attack. He was only 59.

Hughes list of writing and directing credits is quite impressive. Click on the link in the title and see if these films don't bring back some memories, especially if you grew up in the 1980's, as I did. I'll bet that the majority of us can quote some of the lines from his films.

You may not have liked all of his movies or maybe thought they were too stupid or sappy, but they certainly were an indelible part of the decade. Many of the actors who worked in Hughes' films, at least in the articles I read, have nothing but fond memories of the man.

Hollywood has lost a great one.



At 08 August, 2009 14:49, Blogger Stephanie Faris said...

Of course no director/writer is failproof but his movies definitely set the tone for an entire generation. I was sad when he stopped working and even sadder to hear he'd passed. I guess I kept hoping he'd make a comeback at some point and do some more of the movies we all loved but I guess that'll never be recaptured.

At 10 August, 2009 17:11, Blogger scribe said...

From the COming as no surprise files: I thought Hughes was mostly a hack of the lowest order. His films were rife with stupid steretypes, sophomoric humor and lousy storylines. Breakfast Club is his only foray into genius if you don't count the original Vacation.


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