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Sunday, August 02, 2009

BB11 episodes 8-10

Here are the links to this week's episode recaps. Watch the actual shows on cbs.com.

Episode 8 - July 26.
Episode 9 - July 28.
Episode 10 - July 30.

Jessie nominated Jordan and Michelle for eviction this week, but his real target was Casey. This move is baffling to me because Casey was not coming after Jessie at all and told Jessie to his face before the PoV competition. Casey had thought (along with the rest of the house, except Jessie, that the plan was to backdoor Ronnie.

Michelle won the PoV competition and took herself off of the block, forcing Jessie to choose a replacement nominee, which was Casey.

So it's Casey vs. Jordan. That sucks because they are two of the house guests that I like. Before the eviction each house guest is allowed a minute or two to say something in their defense. Jordan didn't say much, since she said it all last week. Casey, on the other hand, really handed it to Ronnie and Jessie, apparently because he knew he'd be out. (He definitely was, being voted out 7-1.)

Julie announced that the high school cliques would be broken up and everyone is now on their own. If I were the producers of this show, I wouldn't have broken up the cliques for a few more weeks, but that's just me. She also announced that one house guest would be awarded a special power to overrule the HOH's nominations, one or both of them, to be used either this week or next. The key is that only he house guest who has the power will know that they have it and they are prohibited from telling the other house guests that they have it. The power can be used right before the live vote on this or the next Thursday. Hopefully someone I like will get it and use it to shake up the house. I've personally voted for Jordan and Jeff (you can vote multiple times).

The first HOH endurance comp was Thursday and it was quite amusing. The house guests were required to sit on a swing that spun like a merry go round - faster, slower faster. Also they brought out a huge foam diploma which the contestants would slam into each time they went around the circle. To make it worse they also intermittently sprayed the house guests with water, and I'm guessing it wasn't warm water.

As the live show ended on Thursday, they were still going at it. (Looking at the cheater blog, I know who won but I'm not saying...)

Personally, I still can't stand Ronnie. Chima and Natalie are annoying. I have no use what so ever for Kevin. Lydia still is creepy, though I don't mind her too much. I'm lukewarm on Jessie. Russell is getting better (less annoying). My favorites are still Jordan, Jeff and Michelle.



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