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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturdays were made for errands

Saturdays were made for errands. That's what the kids and I did for a good four hours this afternoon. Stops included the Blushing Rose Post Office, Merrimack recycle center, Merrimack Public Library (for the kids), Wal-Mart, Market Basket, Hannaford in Lowell to return some cans for cash ($4.80!!) The Comic Store and others. My kids, as always, were very well behaved.

The air was hot by the time we got back to the apartment and after I unloaded the car, so we decided to go swimming. After a cool and rainy week the pool water was cold. Ok it was freezing, well maybe not freezing but definitely cold. I jumped in the deep end and swam to the shallow end and I was done. My son was in for 5 minutes and my daughter for 20 minutes. She would have continued to swim more, but we only stayed there for about 25 minutes. She said she doesn't care how cold the water is, she just loves to be in the water.

The countdown is at one day! At this time tomorrow I will be at Logan International Airport anxiously awaiting her arrival. Yes, the much heralded event is almost here. This has been the longest week of my life. But it will all be worthwhile when she is here. Her plane leaves Moscow at 15:35 local time, which is 07:35 for me. She will already be in the air when I get out of bed. For the record the flight plan looks like this:

Aeroflot Flight #SU315

Departure: 10 Jul 15:35 SVO
Arrival: 10 Jul 18:00 JFK

Delta Flight #DL1936

Departure: 10 Jul 20:29 LGA
Arrival: 10 Jul 21:32 BOS

Total time in the air: 13 hours 57 minutes.

Don't you just love airplane flight info? It has always fascinated me how the airlines calculate departure and arrival times with time zone changes and length of flight all calculated precisely. On the face it looks like the flight from SVO to JFK is 2 hours and 25 minutes. Oh no. Times are always given locally.


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