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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've never been a big fan of Mondays.

Dopey old me wanted to get to bed reasonably early Sunday night but oooooh-no.

I put in a load of laundry at 20:15 or so, just after V and M went to bed. The load included their clothes that they wore this weekend, so they could go back to their mom's with a clean suitcase of clothes. The wash cycle takes about 30 minutes. What time did I manage to put those clothes in the dryer? After 23:00!


The result of course is that I had to wait for the clothes to dry and then separate their clothes from mine, fold them and repack their suitcase before I went to bed myself.

I know the routine. Every Monday morning, V, M and I get up at 05:30, dress, eat breakfast and are out the door by 06:15 so that I can deliver them up to their mother just as she's getting out of work at 07:00.

I didn't get to bed until around 00:30. That's not so unusual for me, but when you have to get up five hours later it is.

What was I doing? As usual, writing a blog post and chatting online. Totally forgetting about the "domestic duties" of my own that I needed to get done. Oh, well, I had fun and who needs a full eight every night?

Of course it didn't help matters that I had an appointment at 08:00 Monday morning and needed that full hour to get there, due to the daily morning commuter traffic on Route 3 South coming out of New Hampshire.

I ended up being ten minutes late for my appointment; which as it turned out wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be, thankfully. Still, I prefer to be on time for these things.

Because I'm so tired you'd think I'd probably go to bed early on Monday night, right?


Knowing me the way I do, I probably won't get to bed any earlier tonight.

Speaking of that Monday appointment I had - this really irked me. I had to fill out all kinds of forms and one of the forms in the stack was an authorization form for the company to do a credit/criminal background check on me.


What does looking at my credit report and who I owe what to have to do with how well I can perform a particular job?? NOTHING is what. The only thing it does is pull down my credit rating - which happens every time someone pulls your credit bureau report. Those credit reports aren't meant to convey some one's criminal background anyway and give negligible information. So much for innocent until proven guilty!

Yes, I know I look like a terrorist (NOT!) or something like that. Except for a speeding ticket here and there, I have no criminal record and plan to keep it that way.

So I left it blank and decided that if my not filling out that form would prevent me from getting that job, then so be it.

Apparently it did not though, as I called over there today and I'm still under consideration.

Good luck to me.

There's another job I've applied for which I learned about a several weeks ago. My contact said that this company was anxious to bring someone in right away and she wanted to submit my information to them. However, it took the company a week to find the time to schedule an interview. Now I've been waiting 2 1/2 weeks for them to make a decision. I call my contact every single day to see where I stand. They (my contact and her boss) are frustrated too as to what the hold-up is for that company to make a decision. They apparently have told the client that it is so unprofessional to keep me (and two others apparently) strung out waiting for a decision.

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At 12 June, 2007 21:10, Blogger ~Autumn said...

Good for you for not filling out the form on the credit report! Unfortunately I think this is becoming the norm rather than the exception... and you're absolutely right, that credit report is YOURS and you should have the right to disclose or NOT disclose that information!

Oh, and on the laundry... I do that all the damn time.

At 13 June, 2007 15:03, Blogger scribe said...

GODAMMIT!!! This one really pissed me off! POtential employers should not be allowed to run credit reports as part fo the hiring process! Who the hell needs some shithole that didn't give them a job causing them to also not get a loan or a decent interest rate!? Sons of bitches!!! Why is this legal??? Because the gubmint is practically taking it up the ass from the credit companies, plastic money invisible giants that run an economy based on speculation instead of actual physical wealth!!!!


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