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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Opening Day

A long awaited day to be sure. A day that is looked forward to all year.

No, I'm not talking about baseball's opening day which takes place at the beginning of April. I'm talking about opening day as in opening the swimming pool at my parents' house.

Once we took the pool cover off, we saw what we'd hoped to see - nice clear, clean water. V hosed off all of the loose debris and pollen that had remained on the cover. After 15 minutes in the sun, the cover was dry enough to fold up. Dad and I filled the filter halfway with water and added 100 pounds of sand. We took out the chemical jug suspended across the water over the winter and removed the three air pillows strung out across the pool, two of which were deflated and partially filled with water.

While we went to lunch, we left the garden hose on to fill up the pool to the proper water level. Once we got back, we added the proper chemicals and now all we have to do is wait 24-48 hours, I think.

That the pool is open now is good, because the temp is supposed to reach into the 90's this week.

Speaking of lunch, my parents took V, M and I to the Rainforest Cafe at the Burlington Mall. My kids and I had never been there before. The atmosphere was cool for the kids and the food was okay because none of us has gotten sick yet. The quality of food at that restaurant has been known to be questionable, as Rebecca from I'm Just a Girl can attest.

Next, it'll be ice cream sundaes at 18:00.

So far it's turning out to be a wonderful weekend.

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At 16 June, 2007 19:54, Blogger Rebecca said...

hahaha, so long as you don't order the Key West Smoothie, you should be okay!!! :)

Sounds like a great weekend you've got going there! Enjoy!!!

Happy Father's Day!


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