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Monday, August 13, 2007

Laying low

Normally I'm not a gloom and doom kind of guy. Far from it, actually.

I'm generally a very positive, optimistic and upbeat person. But... if I can be called superstitious about any one thing, today would be one of those days.

I know I've 'splained this somewhere on my blog before but I'll rehash:

The number 13 has always been given a bad rap for some odd reason and is viewed as a bad luck number by many.

Mondays are always bad because it's the first day of the work week and the weekend is officially over for the next five days.

Combine the two and you have a recipe for disaster. So today I recommend not making any waves and flying under the radar, if you will - just to be safe. That's the plan anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Now all we need is a little rain to add to the mood... which, according to the forecast, has a 40% chance of becoming a reality.

15:33 update: cue wind, thumbles of runder and RAIN!!! Perfect - in an end of the world kinda way...

On the plus side, this is the last Monday the 13th we'll have until October, 2008.

"And there was much rejoicing.


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