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Thursday, February 28, 2008

BB9, extra days and sad news

Here are the links to Big Brother 9 episode 6, episode 7 and episode 8.

I was sad to see Alex/Amanda get evicted last night but was more happy that Matt/Natalie got to stay. I'm a little concerned that Joshuah/Sharon won this week's HOH. I like Sharon but can't stand Joshuah. My guesses for the nominated couples this week are Adam/Sheila and James/Chelsia. I just don't see any alliances between the HOH and those two couples forming. Though I do miss out because I don't subscribe to the 24/7 live feed on cbs.com or BBAD on Showtime 2. My judgments are solely based on the Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday regular episodes on CBS.


V and M have been on their February school vacation this week. As a result of that and due to a meeting K has at work at the hospital tomorrow, I have agreed to take the kids for an extra day and a half this weekend, so I'll have them this afternoon through Monday morning. It'll be good to have them for the extra time but sadly I get less done when they are here. Ah well, such is life. V and M are great kids and I love them dearly.


I'm not sure she'd want me to say anything, but I will anyway since she has had not the time or energy to do so herself: Please pray for and/or send good thoughts or whatever your belief system allows you to for our dear blogger friend Esther, whose father passed away on Tuesday. She'll be heading out of town Thursday or Friday for the wake and funeral this weekend. More than that I'll not say. Whatever, if anything, she chooses to share about it on her blog in the coming weeks will be entirely up to her.

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At 29 February, 2008 12:06, Blogger DaBich said...

Quality times with the kids...sounds good to me!

At 01 March, 2008 19:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't seem to get hooked on this season's BB. I think they're all kinda clueless. I'm still counting on James and Chelsia to win this though.

Please give Ester my best. I know how hard it is to bury a parent. Hugs to her.


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