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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Since today is Valentine's Day, I briefly did some surfing on the internet (no excuse needed to do this, really) and found some articles that those of you un-single folks might actually find helpful or at least worth a look-see. Even single folks, such as myself, might find them interesting. (Obviously I did, since I posted about them....)

The Cost of Showing You Care. It's crazy that Valentine's Day has become almost as commercial of a holiday as Christmas. I don't really think it matters how much money you spend on your partner today but the quality of the gift itself. Maybe the gift doesn't/won't matter at all. Maybe it's the quality of time you spend with your partner today that will matter most.

Be Irresistable. I think this is a good list for the women. I haven't found a similar list for the guys, though. Does such a list exist?

11 Things Women Don't Know About Men. Secretly though, I think women do know these things since they, as a general rule, are more perceptive on these things than men are. They just don't like us to know they know these things. There are some men who are exceptions to the rule and they know it. There are also men who, while not exceptions, do show some promise in such things (someone like myself, perhaps...). ;>)

As I said last week, being someone's Valentine shouldn't be a one day deal, anyway. It's a 24/7/365¼ adventure that you share with your partner every day of your life together.

I may not know everything about relationships and I may even know nothing at all. I'm fairly certain that this is true though - or it should be.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!



At 14 February, 2008 13:51, Blogger Kayla said...

"to strut, crow, spread our feathers"
My future boyfriend might think I've lost it...or he may go looking for the golden egg...Haha

Seriously, I do like the lists.
Now I need someone to practice them on!

Happy Valentines Day, Green

At 14 February, 2008 14:39, Blogger green said...

...or you could just show him the egg and be done with it. LOL

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Kayla.

At 14 February, 2008 16:42, Blogger JLee said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Green! xo

At 14 February, 2008 17:43, Blogger ~Autumn said...

"It's a 24/7/365¼ adventure that you share with your partner every day of your life together."

Unless that someone is a truck driver. then it's roughly 40 hours per week if you're lucky!

BTW - Happy V-day!

At 14 February, 2008 17:58, Blogger green said...

jlee: Happy Valentine's Day to you. Glad you've reestablished your blog!

autumn: Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.

Look on the bright side....

he's not home enough to get on your nerves.

you get all the quality time with the kids.

no one to fight with over the remote control.

At 15 February, 2008 07:12, Blogger DaBich said...

Why am I expected to read his mind, if he's not expected to read mine? LOL!

Actually, we both do ok on that one...

Happy V-day to you, too Green...did you read my response to your post for Feb 8th??? ;)

At 15 February, 2008 08:33, Blogger green said...

d: yes I did. Zep and I are friends, but I don't think that the attraction is there. Haven't talked to her about it but...

At 15 February, 2008 13:15, Blogger DaBich said...

one never knows...

At 15 February, 2008 17:40, Blogger jin said...

Thanks for the comment & the link!
Will reciprocate asap.

p.s. I'd rather have a guy cook me a meal than buy me a diamond on Valentine's Day! (...or chocolate... he could buy me chocolate... that works! ;-)

At 15 February, 2008 19:20, Blogger Zepplinlady said...

Happy be-lated Valentine's Day to you too green. :)
Nice post.
I agree with your first paragraph. The gift is a nice gesture / thought but the most important thing is the time spent with your partner. Just my opinion....

At 15 February, 2008 21:20, Blogger green said...

jin: thanks for returning the visit and commenting! I linked you because otherwise I'd forget to come back and visit.

Yeah, a home cooked meal is always good. I can cook. I'm not a professional chef by any means but I do ok.

zep: nice to hear from you! How are you doing?

Yes, quality time with your partner any day - not just on Valentine's - is good.

At 19 February, 2008 06:34, Blogger AM said...

Did you know that Cupid is blind?
Nobody knows it but trust me, he is!!!

At 19 February, 2008 11:43, Blogger green said...

am: I suppose he is!


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