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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tax time...again.

I need to do my income taxes for 2007. I have my H&R Block Tax Cut software and all of my W-2's and 1099's all set to go.

So why am I hesitating?

It's just plain depressing to do the taxes when I have a gut feeling that my refund will be so small that I'll need a magnifying glass to find it.

Maybe I'll be surprised, but somehow I doubt it.

20:15 update: I don't think I'm going to use the H&R Block tax software after all. I went here and discovered that I can file my taxes online and e-file them for free. That's going to save me the $39.95 for the software that I got in the mail. See, H&R Block sends out their software for free and only charge you when you load the program onto your computer. Plus, if I remember from last year, they charge an extra $15 or so for e-filing. Hurrah for saving money better spent elsewhere!



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