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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jesus is watching you

My mom gave this to me the other day. You may or may not have seen it before or may have seen a variation on it. Still, I chuckled when I read it:

A burglar broke into a house one night. He shone his flashlight around, looking for valuables to steal. When he picked up a CD player to place in his sack, a strange, disembodied voice echoed from the darkness saying, "Jesus is watching you."

He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off and froze. When he heard nothing more after a bit, he shook his head and promised himself a long vacation after his next big score. Clicking his flashlight back on, the burglar began to to search for more goodies. As he pulled out the stereo to disconnect the wires, clear as a bell be heard, "Jesus is watching you."

Totally rattled, the burglar shone his flashlight around frantically, looking for the source of the voice. Finally, in the corner of the room his flashlight beam came to rest on a parrot. "Did you say that?", he hissed at the parrot.

"Yes" the parrot confessed and then squawked, "I'm just trying to warn you."

The burglar relaxed, "Warn me, huh? Who do you think you are anyway?"

"Moses", the bird replied.

The burglar laughed. "What kind of people would name a parrot Moses?"

The parrot quickly answered, "The same kind of people that would name a rottweiler Jesus!"



At 23 January, 2008 11:30, Blogger Priscilla said...

LOL! Nice.

At 23 January, 2008 22:32, Blogger Lee Ann said...

:)Hope you are having a great week!

At 24 January, 2008 07:35, Blogger DaBich said...

LOL, good one!

At 24 January, 2008 13:07, Blogger Kayla said...

Never heard it before..funny!


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