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Thursday, August 28, 2008

BB10 - week seven update

Here's what you missed this week:

Episode 21
Episode 20
Episode 19

This was a double elimination night tonight.

The regular eviction for week seven: Michelle (voted out 3-1)

This evicted house guest becomes the third juror who will ultimately have a say in who will win BB10.

My impressions of week seven:

Dan's HOH deal with Ollie was unprecedented. He offered an unrealistic deal to Ollie and I'm not surprised he broke the third part of it. Ollie should have expected something from the start. Dan's replacement nominee roulette was a bit too much and may hurt him in the end, especially with the jurors now in the jury house (Michelle, Ollie, April and Libra). At least three of them probably won't vote for him.

Michelle does nothing for me but the way she got back-doored was cheap. I suppose any time you get blind sided like that it's pretty cheap.

Despite Ollie's blow up at being worked over by Dan, I still have no problem with him, even if he threw a little temper tantrum. He was justified in being upset.

Memphis, Dan Rennie and Keesha are a strong alliance that will need to be broken up soon out of necessity, since we're running out of house guests.

HOH: Keesha

Keesha nominated Jerry and Ollie which was no surprise considering the others are her alliance. Dan won the power of veto easily and not surprisingly did not upset Keesha's nominations.

I think Ollie will be evicted next, though I wouldn't mind seeing Jerry get evicted either.

The next evicted house guest becomes the fourth juror who will ultimately have a say in who will win BB10.

Double eviction victim: Ollie (voted out 3-0). I was right!

Ollie did conduct himself with class in his post eviction interview. I suppose the good thing for Ollie is that he will get to see April sooner than he thought he would.

My prediction for the final two is still good (Dan and Keesha). We'll see how long it lasts.

Host Julie Chen revealed that the final show for BB10 will air September 16th.



At 29 August, 2008 07:57, Blogger Bluez said...

How great was that episode? Ollie came out of his shell a bit too late as he was too busy gettin busy with April. He deserved what he got if he thought you can trust anyone in a big brother house. Thats the game. I do agree that what Dan did may come back to haunt him. I want Renny to win it all but I think the same two you picked will be in the final two. Whats gonna do Renny in is her sense of wright and wrong. She won't do what the others are willing to do. I vote for the old broad!

At 29 August, 2008 08:07, Blogger Bluez said...

I have a spoiler alert! Want it?

At 29 August, 2008 23:37, Blogger green said...

bluez: yeah that was pretty cool last night. I doubt Rennie will make it into the final three. I agree she definitely is a wild card and the comic relief in the house.

I'm trying to stay away from spoilers and limit myself to finding stuff out on the cbs shows.

Now if you post it and I happened to read it - well that's a different story!

At 31 August, 2008 01:40, Blogger Southern Sweetheart said...

You clearly aren't watching the same BB I am. Though I do know you're a TV only viewer and I have the 24/7 live feeds and Big Brother After Dark on showtime. The edits are just that ....edits. Michelle deserved to go. Ollie threw WAY more than a temper tantrum - in fact, he should have been thrown off the show or at least given a penalty nomination....and Jerry has the most vile mouth I've ever heard -- wait - it's right there with Michelle's. Though the TV audience doesn't see the true edit of these houseguests. The most well rounded people in the house are Dan, Memphis, Keesha, and Renny -- they don't talk crap and spew venom like those other jokers - they just play the game. It's too bad CBS edits these people the way they do....ish. And to further prove my point about Jerry, when he got the phone call from home, his daughter told him "dad, forget about the money, just come on home" -- they didn't show that part on TV --and when Jerry asked his wife what she thought about the Showtime show she said, "well..." --- that was their indication that they were embarrassed by all the stuff he had said and the words he had chosen to spew forth. And yet, Jerry doesn't understand why they told him that.
As for Ollie and April --- its clear Ollie has never seen the show otherwise he would know that all his and April's romps in the sack were fully shown on the internet. I'm sure his preacher dad is real proud.

ok. sorry. had to give you the truth. the whole truth. :)

At 31 August, 2008 09:46, Blogger Bluez said...

I agree with that Southern, although I have to say I've seen Keesha spew some venom on BBAD when Jessie and Libra were still there. Its a shame the marine got HOH, I'm sure he's gonna put up the guys however my daughter told me he was saying nasty things about Renny so she may be in trouble as well.

Ollie was an idiot and a big baby, you're right his tantrum should have gotten him kicked out.

At 31 August, 2008 14:41, Blogger green said...

ss: I can handle the truth about these BB houseguests. I believe you when you write that because you do have the 24/7 feeds and all of that. Yes, I am limited in what I see on the regular CBS broadcasts, but I still enjoy the show.

Thanks for commenting! ;>)


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