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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flag Football season is here

but only for the month of September.

This is the second season that M has participated in his town's flag football program. The league is for 1st thru 3rd graders. There are six teams in the league and each team plays two games per Sunday. The games are 20 minutes long with two ten minute halves. Each team takes turns playing offense and defense for a half.

M's team this year has adopted the nickname "Jedi" and wear blue t-shirts. M wears #9 this year. Last year his team wore green t-shirts and M wore #12.

The first games were today and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. M's team won the first game. I'm not sure which team won the second game. During the second game M got to play quarterback. He threw two beautiful passes... but both were intercepted by the other team.

Even though the emphasis in these games is having fun, playing as a team and learning the basics of football and not wins and losses. But I have to say that some of the kids on M's team seem to be more interested in fooling around than actually learning how to play. I'm proud to say that M is one of the most intense and coachable kids on the team. He doesn't fool around, is always paying attention to the coaches and because of this is one of the better players.

Next year M wants to try playing tackle football. That will be fun. Yeah, baby!!

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At 08 September, 2008 05:38, Blogger DaBich said...

I love watching the little kids play. They are so much fun. Enjoy it all, Green!


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