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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Football season is here!

College football games started last weekend.

The NFL season started tonight with Washington losing to the New York Giants, 16-7, at the exit 7W Meadowlands in the wilds of New Jersey. There's also a full slate of games on Sunday and a Monday night doubleheader.

Now it's time to officially put the Patriots heartbreaking Super Bowl loss in the rear view mirror and focus on the new season.

Do I think the Patriots will go 16-0 in the regular season again?


But with a soft schedule, a 13 win or better regular season record is a real possibility. Home field advantage in the AFC goes through Foxboro until further notice.

With that, here are my predictions for another wonderfully glorious, highly emotional NFL season:

Division Champions

AFC East- New England Patriots
AFC Central- Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South- Indianapolis Colts
AFC West- San Diego Chargers

AFC Wild Card teams- Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars

NFC East- Dallas Cowboys
NFC Central- Green Bay Packers
NFC South- New Orleans Saints
NFC West- Arizona Cardinals

NFC Wild Card teams- Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles


1. New England
2. San Diego
3. Indianapolis
4. Pittsburgh
5. Cleveland
6. Jacksonville


1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Green Bay Packers
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. Seattle Seahawks
6. Philadelphia Eagles

Wild Card Playoffs
AFC- Cleveland over Pittsburgh and Indianapolis over Jacksonville
NFC- Seattle over Arizona and New Orleans over Philadelphia

Conference Semis (Divisional Round)
AFC- New England over Cleveland and San Diego over Indianapolis
NFC- Dallas over Seattle and Green Bay over New Orleans

Conference Championships
AFC- New England over San Diego
NFC- Dallas over Green Bay

Super Bowl XLIII @ Tampa, FL
New England over Dallas

Seriously people, did you really think I'd pick against the Patriots? When you come as close to perfection as they did in 2007 and not get it leaves you with a big chip on your shoulder and a super bad taste in your mouth. I don't care if you hear that they've put that devastating loss behind them. They're human and want to prove that they can regain the mantle of champions. Afterall, it has been three years since the last one. Plus, no one plays the us vs. them card better than Coach Bill. Nobody. Even if he never shows emotion in public or in the press, you can bet he does with his team. He'll drill it into their heads until they're repeating it in their sleep.

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