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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thoughts on the third Presidential Debate

Can anyone tell me what Senator McCain had in his cheek? One side of his face looked awfully puffy. Did he have a bit of smokeless tobacco in his mouth? Gum? A breath mint?

I don't think McCain looked directly at Obama more than once during the whole debate.

McCain says he's disappointed in the tone that this campaign has taken. But do you think he'll stop running his negative ads because of what he said tonight? I doubt it. Now I'm not saying that Obama's campaign has been clean and rosy and polite in the ads 100%. That would be naive. I believe McCain said at the outset that he would run a clean, negative ad free campaign, yet the first negative ad I heard was a McCain ad.

The point of difference, and this line is often blurred, is mistaking a negative attack ad for an ad that points out the difference in the candidates views or policy differences. That's legitimate and definitely not negative.

It was interesting to hear each candidate defend their selection of their VP running mate. Obviously I'd feel more comfortable if Biden had to become Predident rather than Palin.

I think its funny (in a very sarcastic way) that McCain keeps harping that Obama wants to raise your taxes when Obama said to his face tonight and in other debates that he's not going to raise taxes for any family making less than $250,000.00. Is someone hearing impaired?

Abortion. Roe v. Wade. Wow! I'm not even going to go there in this post.

It is likely that the next President will have to appoint at least one, maybe two or three new justices for the Supreme Court and as Obama says, Roe v. Wade will hang in the balance (depending on the tenor and qualifications of each judge.) Remember that a Judicial appointment to the Supreme Court is a lifetime post, which will have an effect on this country for years to come.

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At 16 October, 2008 10:17, Blogger scribe said...

It was an appaling performance on mcCain's part, wasn't it? I was pushed into watching this debate by two people so now I guess I have to write something on it as well.

At 16 October, 2008 13:49, Blogger Bluez said...

McCain had cancer hence the bulbousness of his cheek. He had a patch of melenoma then they opened him up to check his nodes. Looks pretty swollen doens't it? I wonder if the cancer has recurred.

At 17 October, 2008 11:37, Blogger Patrick Roberts said...

the fact that anyone is praising McCain for his performance in the third debate proves that he and Palin have lowered people's expectations down to nothing (don't forget, the VP debates were a tie!)

At 17 October, 2008 11:54, Blogger Priscilla said...

Yeah-you have to give Obama for being a stand up guy and not getting down in the dirt with MCCain-he could have brought up Liddy, Pastor John Hagee or that "fringe" group Palins hubby belonged to that wants Alaska to secede from the union (amongst other things)-Green what are your views on abortion? Just curious ;)

At 17 October, 2008 22:17, Blogger green said...

scribe: Appalling? McCain? Well, I wouldn't go that far. Pathetic, possibly... Did you write something on the debate yet? (I haven't been to your blog yet today)

bluez: Great! All we need is a cancerous old guy running the country for however long he lives and his daughter-like veep ready(?) to step in if needed! (Yikes!)

patrick: thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting! Welcome.

Yes, expectations are lowered but I thought Biden won his debate with hockey-mom.

pris: I agree that Obama has done wonders to keep his cool with all of the attacks thrown his way.

I actually have read many of Pastor Hagee's books and think he's a very insightful, biblically sound expositor of the Word, though I'm not aware of any controversy he's been involved in.

Abortion? Perhaps I'll reveal my position in a post someday here or perhaps on GvD.

At 25 October, 2008 22:47, Blogger Constant said...

I'm laughing at the comment about McCain's cheek I had just accepted that he looks crazy.


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