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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On Presidential Debates

Before the debate last night, the analysts on CNN said that the town hall style debate format works for John McCain.

I disagree.

This format worked for Bill Clinton. It would have worked for Ronald Reagan, too. It also worked for John Edwards in the early part of the primary season, when I met him at a town hall style gathering last December.

Those men, despite what you might think of their terms as President, or even as a candidate, had interesting personalities. McCain does not.

It worked better for Obama as the debate went on.

One thing I disliked about last night's debate was that we heard nothing new - from either candidate. That's okay if you're ahead in the polls, as Obama is. To use a baseball analogy, McCain needed a home-run last night but didn't get one. Instead he took a fastball to the head and groggily walked down to first base before being removed from the game because of dizziness.

What I noticed about McCain during the debate was that he really looks like the shriveled up old man that he is, especially next to the taller and younger Obama. This makes me even scared-er of him actually winning the election next month, if you know what I mean.

If you don't, it means that Palin would literally a lack of a heartbeat away from arguably the most powerful job in the world.

Plus, doesn't the taller candidate usually win elections?

My parents, the ever loyal, registered Independent but always vote for Republicans no matter what, thought Palin held her own against Joe Biden in the debate last week. Were we watching the same debate?? They've even suggested that there is a possibility that some stuck in the 1860's person might venture to assassinate Mr. Obama because of the color of his skin, should he become President. That would be tragic and sad to be sure. If it did happen, I'd sleep alot better knowing that Biden would assume the office instead of Mrs. Alaska Yokel.

One more presidential debate to go.


I got my Obama-Biden car magnet in the mail today. This is the item that prompted me to donate my first $15 to any Presidential campaign ever, and it looks cool. Problem is, it's too big to fit on the back trunk of my current vehicle, mainly because of its circular shape doesn't fit with the rectangular shape of my trunk. I thought about sticking it to the side of my car and had it there for a few minutes before I removed it. Since it's only a magnet, I'm afraid someone might steal it.

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At 08 October, 2008 23:19, Blogger lccb81 said...

I don't think I can donate money to the campaign and I SO want an Obama magnet. Though I might be afraid that some of my fellow parishioners will slash my tires if I put it on my car.

At 09 October, 2008 22:39, Blogger green said...

Get your magnet!!

Try going to Obama's web site and making a donation. I think you can do it unless you're a foreigner who wants to donate more than $10 grand or in the name of a large corporation.

Somehow I don't think you resemble either one of those.

At 11 October, 2008 12:30, Blogger scribe said...

McCain just reeks of bitterness and hostility and, to me, it stems from his sense of entitlement that this "young" upstart is being seriously considered against the so-called "superior" candidate.

And if anybody made me feel like I couldn't express my politics openly and tried to slash my tired, they better fucking hope I didn't find out who they were!

At 13 October, 2008 05:51, Blogger DaBich said...

McCain is an ok guy. His age and his running mate scare me.
Obama is my choice.


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