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Saturday, June 16, 2007

SNMR 3.13: "What About Bob?"

Tonight's SNMR feature is "What About Bob?" (1991, PG, 99 minutes), starring Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss, Julie Hagerty, Charlie Korsmo and Kathryn Erbe. The film was directed by Frank Oz.

I can't remember when the first time I watched this movie was, but I've seen it dozens of times since. People seem to be split in their opinions about this movie - they either love it or hate it. There seems to be no middle ground.

From the DVD's dust case:
Comic wizard Bill Murray (Cradle Will Rock, Rushmore) teams up with Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss (Mr. Holland's Opus, The American President) in an outrageously wild comedy that's sure to drive you off the deep end! Murray plays Bob Wiley, a troubled but lovable therapy patient who fears everything! After seeking help from noted psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin (Dreyfuss), Bob feels revived. But when the good doctor skips town to go on a quiet family vacation, Bob, afraid of being alone, follows - showing up unexpectedly at the therapist's lakeside retreat. That's when the fun really begins! Bob innocently becomes the house guest who just won't leave - endearing himself to the other family members and, in the end, driving the stressed-out shrink absolutely crazy!

From Martin and Porter's DVD & Video Guide 2007, p. 1241:
Fitfully hilarious tale of a deranged but lovable neurotic (Bill Murray), who attaches himself to the family of a high profile psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfuss) while they're on vacation.Murray is typically goofy but Dreyfuss gives a masterfully comic performance.

This is a great movie. The script is witty and fast paced and very well written. The supporting cast does their part but this film rises and falls on the performances of the two leads. Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss play off of each other wonderfully and both are extremely funny. My only minor disappointment with this film is that the lake scenes are supposed to take place at Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire, but were actually filmed on some lake in Virginia. Still, that is not enough to derail my enjoyment of this film. This movie should be a part of any one's DVD collection and can be had for under $10. I'll give this movie four and a half out of five stars.



At 17 June, 2007 09:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny funny movie.

At 17 June, 2007 19:13, Blogger Constant said...

I recently watched this and was so incredibly annoyed. I wanted to beat Bob up myself, and I should never feel that way about a fictional character.

At 17 June, 2007 19:28, Blogger green said...

see what I mean? Love it or hate it - there's no middle ground.

At 17 June, 2007 23:11, Blogger Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

This is a really good movie.

I'd like to suggest another you may enjoy....
Facing the Giants.

It is most definitely worth the time to watch.


At 17 June, 2007 23:16, Blogger JLee said...

I love that movie, especially the tourette's bit...haha

At 18 June, 2007 03:38, Blogger EE said...

Love it!!!!
Love it!!!!
Love it!!!!

At 18 June, 2007 08:32, Blogger green said...

alpha dude: welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. New commenters are always welcome and appreciated. I hope you'll stop by often.

At 18 June, 2007 18:45, Blogger scribe said...


I am the middle ground. Loved the movie, hated Bob and was beyond pissed at the ending and the way Dreuffus' family treated him.


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