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Monday, October 29, 2007

World Series Champs

Someday, as a Boston sports fan, I'll look back on these days with pride and amazement. Pride in the fact that I'm a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan (since 1975) and amazed that this team won its second World Series (sweeps no less) in four seasons.

We're talking uncharted water here, folks. Even the powerhouse Red Sox in the 1910's (four World Series titles, no defeats in the decade) never accomplished this. Jayson Stark of espn.com agrees, pointing out some very interesting statistics along the way.

But for me and many Red Sox fans, winning this World Series had a much different feel to it than the win in 2004. In '04, the Red Sox had to conquer the mountain (86 years and four heartbreaking seven game world Series defeats between titles) which included coming back from a 3-0 deficit to the Yankees in the ALCS before steamrolling St. Louis. That World Series was all about redemption and the "Aren't World Series supposed to be painful experiences?" mantra of fans for more than a generation. This World Series was simply fun from the get-go. No pressure, no problem.

But, if you haven't lived and died with the Red Sox over the years, you probably wouldn't understand the difference in the two championships.

You'll note that I apparently gave the Rockies too much credit in my World Series prediction. My bad. Even I didn't expect the Sox to sweep the Rockies.

As game 7 last night was winding down I predicted, at least 15 minutes before the award was given out, who the World Series MVP would be on a team full of worthy candidates... Esther can back me up on this too, as she and I were talking on YM when the game finally ended around 12:15 AM.

And here's a stat I never thought I'd be able to legitimately write: In the 21st century so far, the Yankees are 0-2 in the World Series (losing in 2001 and 2003) and the Red Sox are 2-0 in the World Series (winning in 2004 and 2007).


If that weren't a glorious ending to the sports landscape here in New England this weekend, we sure had a heck of a beginning. #2 Boston College did nothing in the first 56 minutes against Virginia Tech last Thursday, yet won the game, 14-10 in the last four minutes with two touchdown passes by QB Matt Ryan (being dubbed "Matty Heisman" recently around here, as one of the leading candidates to win that award this season).


Exhibit C is the Patriots weekly dismantling of their opponent. This week's victim was the Washington Redskins lost 52-7. If ever there was a garbage-time touchdown in football, the score by the Redskins was it. Every week I say, "Can it get much better for the Pats?" and apparently it does. The Patriots have scored 331 points in 8 games and 204 more points than their opponents. Only two other NFL teams (Dallas, Indianapolis) so far have scored over 204 points for the whole season. The New York football Giants just miss out with 200 points scored.

There are only two unbeaten NFL teams left through eight weeks (Patriots, Colts). Those two teams will meet on Sunday in Indianapolis. The winner will, in all likelihood, have home field advantage for the playoffs. Right now, Indianapolis has the upper hand. They are the defending Super Bowl champs and have beaten the Patriots three straight times, including the epic AFC title game last January, 38-34. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. If you like American football, it doesn't get any better than this. The game will be nationally televised this Sunday on CBS @ 16:15. Tune in to see a great game.

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At 30 October, 2007 06:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the "curse o' the Bambino" has fizzled out in spades.

As for the NFL: I was in shock the first time the Pats got to the Superbowl in 2000. They've become a team for others in the AFC to fear. But I think the Colts have the better QB. It's in the Manning DNA. The Pats have the better defense. The outcome depends on which defense stands up to the challenge best.

At 30 October, 2007 20:55, Blogger ~Autumn said...

I will sooo be watching the Colts/Pats game!! And rooting for the Colts!! (Sorry Green) I think I have a crush on Peyton Manning.

At 31 October, 2007 07:41, Blogger DaBich said...

First...no one dreamed the Rox would be a no show for the World Series. I was disappointed...seriously. I thought we'd have an interesting Series.

Second, I am so sick of Peyton Manning I could scream. To that end...GO PATS! (Sorry Autumn) lol

At 31 October, 2007 19:42, Blogger Constant said...

My comment is completely off topic. I just wanted to say hello. :)

At 02 November, 2007 21:30, Blogger Fondue Princess said...

Congrats to the Red Sox's! That's all I can muster up right now.


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