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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Books of the Month - May 2008

Wow, it's hard to believe that, with this month's selections, May 2008 begins the second year of my Books of the Month feature. I invite you to the sidebar on your left to review the selections I've featured in the past 12 months.

This month, the modern nation of Israel will celebrate it's 60th anniversary, on May 14th, so I think it's appropriate that we focus this month on the history of Israel and it's people.

There have been many good books written on the history of Israel, both ancient and modern. I've simply selected three that I think give a good representation of the subject. I hope you enjoy reading them them as much as I will.

From Amazon.com: "The story of Israel is one of the outstanding tales of human history. Israel, occupying a narrow strip of land between sea and desert, was positioned on an international highway of commerce and warfare. This was a people whose future would be intertwined with the stories of nations great and small. Historian and Bible scholar F.F. Bruce shapes the daunting complexities of this history, nearly fourteen hundred years from the Exodus to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70, into straight prose that sparkles with clarity. More than half of the book is devoted to the postexilic history of Israel, the "intertestamental" period and the first-century history that forms the backdrop of the New Testament. First published in 1963, Israel and the Nations has achieved wide recognition as an excellent introduction to the history of Israel. This new edition, carefully revised by David F. Payne, includes some new material and a revised bibliography."

Purchase your copy here and here.

From the book's dust jacket: "In Kingdom of Priests, Eugene Merrill follows a sound methodology that uses explicitly stated and well-reasoned principles in analyzing Old Testament events. He demonstrates how the 'facts' of Old Testament history emerge only after sound hermeneutics that give attention to issues of style, genre, and rhetorical strategies are applied to the biblical text. Merrill provides historical background for each biblical book and period of Israel's history and gives up-to-date information from extrabiblical sources regarding nations and rulers with whom Israel often found itself in conflict. This work is a crowning achievement of a distinguished career devoted to the study of Old Testament history and is destined to become the standard evangelical treatment of biblical history for decades to come." --Mark F. Rooker, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Purchase your copy here and here.

"The book contains over 350 maps and illustrations. It is, as the author says, 'a verbal/visual feast of the chosen people's story over the last 4,000 years.' There is full coverage of the biblical, Mishnaic, talmudic, medieval, and modern periods based on the latest detailed research. Shmuel Ahituv is one of Israel's most respected scholars."

Purchase your copy here. Amazon.com does not list this title.

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At 01 May, 2008 10:19, Blogger scribe said...

hey instead of enlightening your mind with wordstuffs, you might wanna hie your arse back over to out movie blog so we can complete our epic series!

At 02 May, 2008 01:55, Blogger Kayla said...

Hey Green,
The books look interesting.
What's new?

At 02 May, 2008 09:41, Blogger Priscilla said...

Green-I'm going to read a couple of these in the coming weeks and then I want to have a discussion with you about Israel and the role they play in church affairs and how the American church views Israel in general. This is a subject I've been studying quite a bit lately...I tend to think that a vast majority of how Christian's view the Jewish religion is completely erroneous and borders on blasphemy.

At 02 May, 2008 09:44, Blogger Priscilla said...

Actually i just read the little descriptive paragraphs under each book and I don't think I can read any of these and take them too seriously...I'll find my own sources, then maybe we can have a discussion if you are up for it...

At 02 May, 2008 20:49, Blogger green said...

scribe: maybe I will

kayla: not much new here. How've you been?

priscilla: I'm always up for a good discussion.


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