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Monday, April 06, 2009

Can't really say I'm surprised...

No, I can't. Really. Say. I'm. surprised. To find out that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have split, especially after reading this article and Mayer's new song about it.

For a few weeks now I've been trying to confirm if the celeb couple did indeed break up- looking at the gossip mags, like US Weekly, Life & Style and People and getting mixed messages. Some apparently said they were still together and others said they had split.

Now I obviously don't know the details of the split, and I don't want to know. I just hope they split amicably. Most people, I'd hope, don't want to hear of nassssty splits. I certainly don't. I just hope they realized that whatever they had wasn't working and mutually decided to call it over. At least they weren't married and didn't have any kids. Those kind of splits have the very large potential to be messy.

I believe I wrote a post about Aniston and Mayer when they first started dating (actually it was when they split the first time and I believe I predicted it wouldn't work. One of those reasons I stated is their age difference and life priorities. Hey, with some couples such an age difference is no big deal and issues can be worked out.

There's always been something about Mayer that wasn't right, in my opinion. Reading (granted in the tabloids) about the high profile relationships he's had and that they've all ended badly made me wonder what she saw in him in the first place. Also, he seems like a party-boy and maybe even a heavy drinker.

Not to say Aniston is perfect, because she certainly isn't. I've read that she's obsessive/compulsive and has a hard time letting go of the fact that Brad Pitt effectively dumped her for Angelina Jolie (a clear downward trade for the Bradster in my opinion, looks-wise).

No matter if either of them is really as bad as has been written or even if they're not nearly so horrible as the bad news hungry, gossipy public has been led to believe, each one of them deserves to be in a happy, loving relationship. Maybe Aniston realized that "He's Just Not That Into You." Maybe she read the book after starring in the movie of the same name. Both were good by the way, even though the book is geared towards women.

Since I've seen the movie and since I've read the book (which was quite amusing BTW) - I have two observations:

A) Are most men that bad? Are there men out there who actually pull all that crap on women?

and B) If A is true, why do women fall for those types of guys?

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At 07 April, 2009 12:39, Blogger scribe said...

I still maintain that Brad upgraded in the looks and body department and downgraded in the sanity arena.

At 09 April, 2009 11:59, Blogger ~Autumn said...

I say they're all crazy for dating each other!

It seems the celebs with the least amount of problems is the ones who wed outside of Hollywood.

At 09 April, 2009 12:00, Blogger ~Autumn said...

Gosh, I could remember simple grammar rules when I comment. Sheesh. *rolls eyes*


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