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Saturday, May 03, 2008

134th Kentucky Derby

Today is Derby Day, with post time at 6:04 PM.

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the last time there was a Triple Crown Winner (1978, Affirmed).

Most of the major horse racing "experts" expect this to be a wide-open race. As for me, I don't know enough about the horses, trainers and jockeys to make an educated guess as to which horse will win. And I really don't care, either.

All I know is that I enjoy watching these Triple Crown races and that I'll be rooting for the horse that wins today to win the Preakness in two weeks and the Belmont Stakes three weeks after that.

I just read an article that said that the track at Churchill Downs could be wet and muddy today, which will really mess up the horses an make an unpredictable race even more so. I'll update the post with the top three finishers later tonight.

134th Kentucky Derby
at Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY

Post Horse Odds
1 Cool Coal Man 20-1
2 Tale of Ekati 15-1
3 Anak Nakal 30-1
4 Court Vision 20-1
5 Eight Belles 20-1 **place**
6 Z Fortune 15-1
7 Big Truck 50-1
8 Visionaire 20-1
9 Pyro 6-1
10 Colonel John 4-1
11 Z Humor 30-1
12 Smooth Air 20-1
13 Bob Black Jack 20-1
14 Monba 15-1
15 Adriano 30-1
16 Denis of Cork 20-1 **show**
17 Cowboy Cal 20-1
18 Recapturetheglory 20-1
19 Gayego 15-1
20 Big Brown 3-1 **win**

Well, Big Brown is your winner (by 4 3/4 lengths) and 2008 Triple Crown contender. Eight Belles, even though she finished second, is the tragic big loser of the day. Denis of Cork finished third. Read all the details here.

Photo credits: Big Brown from horsephotos.com and Eight Belles from Viewimages.

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At 05 May, 2008 07:39, Blogger DaBich said...

Oh! I jsut read about Eight Bells...how sad :(

At 06 May, 2008 19:17, Blogger Esther said...

Since I am originally from and grew up in Louisville, KY and that is where my mother and all that side of the family still live, I know a lot about Derby Day in general.

Having said that, though, I was horrified at what happened to Eight Belles. Simply horrified.

Like so many, I saw the horse go down on the track after coming in second. That second place finish was a HUGE deal for Eight Belles, but she paid a dearly high price for it. I agree with DB - how sad.

It is being said that the breeding for speed has resulted in a malformation and weakness in the legs/ankles/hooves which is being passed down as well. Two breeding lines above Eight Belles both had devastating injuries to their legs following races and/or practices.

. . .and, of course, we remember Barbaro from last year.

I think they need to make the track softer for the horses if they are going to race.

I think that horses are at their most beautiful running in the wild, though, but I know what a HUGE business horse-racing is in this country, so it's unlikely to end.


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